Photographs, 2.5L Crate Engine
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The 2.5L engine looks very similar to the 2L. It is 13 mm taller at the deck but all engine mounts are the same on both engines. The head is the same dimensions but the inlet ports are different, although the exhaust ports are similar size to the 2L. It has VVT as standard.


There are some minor casting changes in places but the biggest difference is the larger pulley and different crank sensor. The chain cover is, of course, taller too.


This engine came with a 82c thermostat and aluminium oil cooler/heater. Both useful in a performance engine.


Increased inlet port size is almost entirely created from the injector area. Although larger, it probably offers less than you might expect in terms of high RPM power. The 2L head can be interchanged without issue (same CR, valve, etc) and that can offer better opportunities to use well proven 2L CNC heads for the higher states of tune.